Playing the music of the Grateful Dead
from Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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The Band

Press Contact:
Jed Frumkin

Based in Jackson Hole, The Deadlocks bring an authentic Grateful Dead experience to the Intermountain West. Following in the tradition set forth by the Dead in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond, the band levies harmonic guitars, defined musical composition, a double drumset, and a vibrant mix of song performance and psychedelic improvisation. Each Deadlocks show is a unique experience; pulling from a repertoire of nearly 100 songs and growing, a Deadlocks production is exciting, immersing, unpredictable, and dynamic. All aspects of the performance- from the instrumentation to the stage layout- are carefully produced to ensure an authentic representation.

The Grateful Dead’s song list represents a cross-section of pure American Rock-n-Roll; the songs derive from the blues, country, funk, bluegrass, ballads, and jazz influences. As musicians, the group focused on a balanced sound that allowed for songs that were approachable to the casual listener, while complex and dynamic enough to continually engage their devoted fans. As a touring act, the Grateful Dead consistently championed top attendance records internationally. Their sound is recognized and emulated by innumerable modern rock and country-western acts, and resonates strongly throughout the West.

The Deadlocks formed in the beginning of 2010, immediately striking a chord in the mountain community of Jackson Hole. Performing in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, they have been welcomed at nightclubs, outdoor venues, and community gatherings by music aficionados and core deadheads alike. Lead guitarist Jeremy Cohen (Bluegrass Bandits) brilliantly crafts solos around familiar melodies, while vocalists Chris Moen and Meggan Kaiser engage the crowd through powerful and rousing harmonies.